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We use our expertise and knowledge of this field to create original, high-quality films that impress and inspire.

Adventures in motion
The the pea shooter heads each consist of a 6" diameter foam ball and a cut down plastic bucket for the cone. The bucket was a little over 5" at its top Nike Free TR Fit Lovers Black Tiffany Blue Nike diameter and we cut it to a height of about 4". Tiffany Blue Nike The ball was carved out with a utility knive to make a space for a foam ball shooter, and a dowel rod was inserted into Nike Free 3.0 Grey the foam ball as a handle. The foam ball, ball shooter, and dowel rod were spray painted lime Blue Nike Free Run 3 green (an unpainted shooter is also shown).The outer covering of the pea shooter Nike Free 5.0 UK heads was a lime green fleece fabric we found at a fabric store. Nike Free 3.0 Grey We had to experiment a bit to find the right shape to sew the head coverings, but hopefully these photos give a good idea. The fleece was very elastic, so the exact shape isn that important. We just tried to make it on the tight side, Womens Nike Free Run 2 so it would stretch around the forms, giving definition to the head and holding everything together.The dimension of one side of the head covering is roughly Nike Free 5.0 UK 8"x16". With the main part of the head being 8"x8" Nike Free Run Sale and the cone protrusion also being 8". We left a fair bit of fabric for the "neck" and only cut it down Blue Nike Free Run 3 once all the pieces were assembled. We didn sew the "neck" seams all the way down because we needed to be sure we could fit the foam ball.I used Nike Free 4.0 Sale this as guidance for my 6 yr old son's costume, but I changed the basic hood design for one I got from a Nike Free 4.0 Sale pattern I Nike Free TR Fit Lovers Black just put the 'bucket cover' portion where the face hole was. It was lined, which solved the Nike Punch Pink Womens duct tape/ elastic problem for the main hood, and shaped a Womens Nike Free Run 2 curve in the top and bottom for our Nike Punch Pink Womens son's forehead and chin. I had to hand sew the bucket/chin opening closed, but it came out Nike Free Run Sale very well. I made some fleece 'leaves' and hand tacked them to the back of the hood, instead of using actual or silk shrubbery (I couldn't find any in small quantities).
The study of stars and also the meanings behind the movements of planets has fascinated man from the earliest times. Astrology is still extremely well liked and charms that feature Nike Roshe Run Junior Mens Black Red the signs from the zodiac are extremely sought Nike Roshe Run Suede Mens right after. Even though Nike Roshe Run Yeezy Mens Gray in modern terms zodiac indicators, as represented on charms, are designated Nike Roshe Run Junior Womens Pink Nike Roshe Run Yeezy by Nike Roshe Run Yeezy particular dates on the calendar as Nike Roshe Run Suede Mens time, Nike Roshe Run Yeezy Womens Pink within the sky Nike Roshe Run Suede Womens Black Pink they Nike Roshe Run Mid Mens actual represent the area. This route is then divided Nike Roshe Run Mid Gray Blue Mens into twelve Nike Roshe Run Yeezy Womens Pink sections, which are depicted Nike Roshe Run Suede Womens Black Pink on charms, jewelry or other objects as particular symbols. The symbols that were chosen by the first Nike Roshe Run Yeezy Mens Gray ancient astronomers offer the same symbols we use these days. Every signal has a specific set of mental and physical characteristics attributed Nike Roshe Run Mid Gray Blue Mens to individuals born in that time period. As with several Nike Roshe Run Junior Mens Black Red charms Nike Roshe Run Mid Mens these bracelets are an excellent addition to any Nike Roshe Run Junior Womens Pink jewelry collection.
We heard again and again that it time to kick the plastic water bottle habit and head back to the tap. Despite evidence that our tap water is highly regulated and just as safe as bottled, news about pharmaceuticals and chemicals in drinking water or pipes Nike Roshe Run NM BR Mens Blue that may Nike Roshe Run UK contain lead, or even just bad tasting tap, can make us wary of getting our water straight from the faucet. Although most water filters can eliminate every Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse Mens contaminant, they Nike Roshe Run HYP QS Sale can help reduce them. But are unrecyclable water filters any better for the than recyclable plastic bottles? Not if you can recycle them.Zero Technologies recently launched a recycling program for filters, the only program of its kind in the country. Ninety percent of the Black Nike Roshe Run Dyn FW materials in its Zero filters are Nike Roshe Run Mid Black recyclable the filter media are recycled for Nike Roshe Run HYP QS Sale use in wastewater treatment plants they can be shipped back to the company in their original packaging in exchange for a discount on replacements. (Zero is also one of the only companies Nike Roshe Run Yeezy Grey to offer filter bottles made of glass, although the ABS plastic used in their other products has been tested to Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse Mens ensure no chemicals leach out).Zero carbon and ion exchange filter reduces dissolved solids in water down Nike Roshe Run Junior Grey to zero parts per million, which you can test Black Nike Roshe Run Dyn FW with a total dissolved solids (TDS) meter that comes Nike Roshe Run Suede UK with the filter. Nike Roshe Run Suede UK The filters are also NSF certified to remove lead, chlorine taste and odor, mercury, hydrogen Nike Roshe Run NM BR Mens Blue Nike Roshe Run Yeezy Grey sulfide, chromium, aluminum, zinc and iron.But remember, you may not need a water filter at all. Your annual Consumer Confidence Report, which you can get Nike Roshe Run Mid Black through your water supplier, will tell you about local water quality, and if you worried Nike Roshe Run Junior Grey about lead in your pipes, check with your health department or contact a specialist to test your household water. Half gallon pitchers are $39.99, and larger 2.5 Nike Roshe Run UK gallon bottles are $119.99 for glass or $99.99 for plastic.
I'm often surprised to find how many women don't wear blush at all and even more shocked at how many never really have. Wearing a little color on your cheeks has the power to brighten Roshe Run Yeezy Red the most sallow of complexions, and can rescue you from looking like a zombie after Roshe Run Mens Blue Gray a long night of having a little too Roshe Run White much fun. Blush is especially important to ladies Mens Roshe Run Junior who wear medium to full coverage foundations they tend to make your face completely monochromatic, leaving you with a very blank, unstructured look. When you take away all your color, you have to add Roshe Run Grey Pink Womens a little back to keep from looking washed out.Choosing a color of blush is really not all that difficult. Skin tone dictates what one should use, rather than hair or eye color. If you're fair, choose a lighter color Mens Roshe Run Junior such as a pink or apricot, Roshe Run Mens Blue Gray and darker skin tones should use wines or burnt burgundies. Going to Roshe Run Pink a cosmetics counter Roshe Run Black is a great way to be able to try on shades before you commit. Plus, the employees there can generally offer advice backed with Roshe Run Grey Pink Womens experience. Peachy colors tend to look good on most skin tones, which is probably why 'Orgasm' by Nars is a cult classic. It's universally flattering, and is very sheer so as not to seem overpowering. It does, however, have a tendency to get lost on darker or tanned skin, so try Springsheen by MAC for a more pigmented version of a similar shade. Milani's 'Luminous' or 'Blushing Earth' by Jane are close calls that are a bit more budget conscious.To apply blush, swirl your brush to pick up some product and tap off the excess. It's much easier to add more than it is to take away! Start grinning like an idiot in front of the mirror, Roshe Run Mid Sale Roshe Run Blue and you'll see where the apples of your cheeks appear. Using small, slightly downward strokes, apply the blush to Roshe Run Mid Sale the apples of your Roshe Run Pink cheeks, and blend back and upwards towards your ear. If you're feeling particularly washed Roshe Run Blue out, swipe a Roshe Run Yeezy Red little on your forehead, but don't go overboard it can make you look TOO colorful if you're not careful. If you find that you've overdone it a bit, just dust a Roshe Run White little loose powder over top, and it will tone it down a bit.Try experimenting with different colors personally, if I wear green or brown Roshe Run Black top, I like apricot blush shades. If I wear black or gray, I stick with pinks or wines. Play around and see what you like best!.